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Maintaining control of your assets and how they are distributed after death requires advance planning. At Damien Bosco, P.C., I assist my clients throughout the New York City metropolitan area with estate issues, including the creation of trusts, will drafting and probate. I have extensive knowledge of the applicable laws and will use that experience to create a plan that will be enforceable in court. I also understand the nuances of negotiation and litigation if a dispute arises and will work to obtain a fair result. Whether you are looking for information about trusts, will drafting services or advice on petitioning for probate, I will educate you on the best legal options.

Responsive lawyer will help you structure trusts and estate plans

Well-crafted estate plans often include a number of components, with trusts often being a central part. Trusts can provide tax benefits, protection against creditor claims and control over when and how assets are divided. There are a wide variety of trust options, allowing enough choices to fit almost any situation. Generally, with the exception of living trusts, a third-party trustee manages trust assets for the benefit of the trust beneficiaries. When and how trust assets and income are distributed to beneficiaries is set out in the trust terms. Trusts can be immensely valuable but must be set up properly. I will develop an estate plan to meet your needs and structure your trust to achieve your goals.

Reliable counselor provides will drafting and execution services

Wills are important for everyone – not just for those with a lot of assets. Without a valid will, your property will be subject to state intestacy laws, which would decide who gets your property, regardless of your wishes or relationship with family members. Further, without a will, a court will decide who will become your child’s caretaker without the consideration of your ideal choice, which you could include in your will. Consequently, taking the time to draft a will is important to your legacy and your family’s peace of mind. I will use my extensive legal experience to draft a will that adheres to the law and truly reflects your wishes.

Dedicated advocate astutely manages probate and will disputes

New York law protects spouses and minor children from disinheritance and allows them to dispute the terms of a will if it does not allocate them a share. Disinheriting adult children is permitted, but a court can still give them a share if there is evidence the disinheritance was not intended. These disputes are typically handled through probate, a court-supervised process that settles a deceased individual’s estate. If you have questions about the terms of a will or are worried about a dispute, talk to me about your rights and obligations.

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