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Experienced New York lawyer guides clients through the probate process

Settling the affairs of a loved one may require the help of an accomplished probate attorney to close outstanding accounts and distribute assets. At Damien Bosco, P.C., I understand the stress and complexity of the probate process and have represented executors throughout the New York City metropolitan area for almost 20 years. I am dedicated to providing informative and hands-on services for my clients. Whether you need assistance opening probate, gathering assets, notifying heirs or dealing with creditors, I will help you move through this process as seamlessly as possible.

Responsive law firm develops effective strategies to efficiently probate estates

When a person dies with assets worth more than $50,000, probate may be necessary to legally transfer title. Bringing an estate through probate requires satisfying many steps, including inventorying property, paying debts and taxes and locating beneficiaries. Even if everything is in order, the entire procedure can take months. Missing a notification or problems finding assets can greatly increase this timeline. I understand the nuances of probate and will create a strategy to finish this process as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Reliable counselor assists with filing the will to open probate

The will of the deceased typically dictates how property will be allocated, but it must first be validated by the court. This requires filing an original copy of the will, a self-proving affidavit attesting the will was properly executed, and a petition requesting to open probate. Ensuring the will is up-to-date and meets all the requisite formalities is key to avoiding delays and disputes. I know what the courts expect to see in a valid will and use my knowledge to ensure it is properly presented and verified.

Dedicated advocate coordinates locating and transferring assets to the estate

Executors are responsible for locating and transferring assets to the estate until it is time for distributing them to the heirs. This may involve taking physical possession of a tangible asset or opening financial accounts in the estate’s name to manage liquid assets. Ideally, the deceased would have left a list of assets, but reviewing financial records may be necessary to verify that all property is included. This step is often the most time-consuming and complicated aspect of probate, and I will give you the support and resources needed to satisfy this obligation.

Accomplished attorney handles locating beneficiaries

Executors are required to provide notice to potential beneficiaries at the beginning of the probate process. This notification gives a beneficiary standing to contest the proceedings. Failing to notify someone can result in significant delays and may even get the executor in trouble for not fulfilling their duties. Locating beneficiaries can be difficult, and I will work to ensure this requirement is properly completed.

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