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Knowledgeable New York City Attorney Handles Your Estate Planning Issues

Dedicated New York lawyer helps work out end of life issues and long-term financial legacies

Securing your legacy and accounting for unexpected events are the core reasons for creating an estate plan. At my New York firm, Damien Bosco, P.C., I have dedicated my 20-year legal practice to helping clients throughout the city effectively structure and manage their estate plans. I will help you keep your estate plan is current and ensure your will, trusts and other related documents are valid and enforceable. Whether you need to update your will, choose an executor or create a living trust, I will provide the information you need to make informed decisions.

Responsive law firm assists with will drafting, codicils and selecting an executor

A valid will must be written, signed and dated in front of two non-beneficiary witnesses. The witnesses do not need to know the contents of your will, just that the will is the will you intend to execute. Any update or modification — known as a codicil — to your will must follow the same formalities. Beyond the formalities, picking the right executor to settle your affairs is extremely important. The executor will be responsible for shepherding your will through probate. Thus, you need a responsible, organized and financially astute individual to handle the associated duties. I am thoroughly versed in all the relevant laws and will help you select the executor who is right for your situation.

Reliable advocate makes your wishes known through living wills and other advance directives

Making sure your wishes for medical treatment are followed is a sensitive and important issue. Living wills allow you to document your wishes in the event you become incapacitated and cannot advocate for yourself. The documentation must provide “clear and convincing” evidence of the medical care you want to receive, such as when and which measures should be used in life-threatening situations. In addition, designating a health care proxy to make medical decisions for you is also an option. I understand how critical this issue can be and will work to ensure your wishes are documented and followed.

Experienced counselor helps clients prepare living trusts

Living trusts are intended to give you control over your assets during your lifetime and avoid probate after death. They are revocable and allow you manage your property until you die or are incapacitated. This means that, while the assets are owned by the trust, you can still keep or dispose of them as you see fit. Once you are gone, a third-party trustee takes over and distributes assets according to your wishes. Living trusts are a common vehicle for managing your assets over time, and I will perform a detailed analysis to determine if this option is right you.

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